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Advice on Getting Yourself Anti-virus Software

Posted by Spazz On August - 25 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

A colleague of mine recently asked me to have a look at his personal Notebook. He has a virus infection on the PC and doesn’t know how to get rid of it.

He dropped the Notebook off at my house after work one evening and I had a look. Immediately several screens popped-up at me screaming about all the infections on the machine. I found this strange as I didn’t know the program spewing out these warnings.

After a bit of research on Google I found that this was one of those programs enticing the user to download for free. Once installed, it produces false-positives so the user will be scared into purchasing it. I removed the offending program, and updated the perfectly good antivirus and firewall software on the machine, scanned the entire notebook to find no major threats.

All the user needs to do now is to purchase a new annual license and he is good to go.

My advice is to ensure you have one of the major anti-virus programs installed, preferably with a firewall built-in. It is quite easy to read-up on different antivirus software programs online by simply asking Google.

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I recently ran into a problem at work with Windows 7. One of the users logged into his new workstation PC and I helped him set-up his profile. After he was happy, I left him to continue working. The next day he phoned me and asked me to have a look, all the settings etc had disappeared. I found this strange and started investigating just to find that he was logged onto the workstation as a TEMP Profile for no apparent reason.

I Google’d again just to find stacks of forums where very similar problems are discussed, but with no clear-cut solutions. After searching for a couple of days between my other work, I stumbled upon something that made some sense.

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Ever Notice Weird Behaviour in Windows?

Posted by Spazz On August - 8 - 20103 COMMENTS

[Ed note] This is Spazz’s first post for Windows Guides. We’d like to officially welcome him.

Being new to the writer’s side of things, suddenly you realize how difficult it is to think of something to write. I suddenly got a great deal of respect for writers. Thinking it over many times, I simply couldn’t think of anything, then it happened…

Inserting my flash drive into my PC at work last week and getting the error message that it was not recognized. I found this strange. Then after removing it from the PC, I kept getting the message and it just simply wouldn’t go away. Now my PC remains on and logged in for weeks at a time. This problem bugged me as I knew I encountered it before, but couldn’t quite place my finger on it.

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