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So you spend a lot of time searching the net.  Most of us do and with Google Chrome, searching is a breeze  You just type your query into the address bar and your preferred search engine will do the rest.

But what if you search a specific site and do so frequently?  Instead of searching for “Mintywhite” and then clicking the images tab on google.com for example, we can assign Google Images its own keyword.

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Play Hold ‘em in Windows 7 [How To]

Posted by Stu On May - 30 - 201026 COMMENTS

clip image001 Play Hold ‘em in Windows 7 [How To]

If you’ve moved from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate, you may have noticed some games have been cut from the mix.  Most notably, Hold ‘em.

Microsoft intends to release Hold ‘em through Games for Windows as it did for Tinker but for those of you who can’t wait, here’s a way to get Hold ‘em working on your Windows 7 system.

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11 thumb Use Check Boxes & Single Click in Windows Explorer [Quick Tip]If you’re not too keen on using the keyboard when selecting items in Windows Explorer, using check boxes should make your life much easier.

Using check boxes also complements using a single click to open items. Just pointing at items to select them can be frustrating and using check boxes relieves a lot of this frustration and makes things a little more precise.

We’ll cover both of these areas with this Quick-MintyTip as the method is the same.

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Link Windows Live Accounts [How To]

Posted by Stu On May - 13 - 20101 COMMENT

windowslive thumb Link Windows Live Accounts [How To]

I’m sure the vast majority of you guys have more than one or two email addresses.  Personally I have 6 and keeping tabs on them all can be a pain, not to mention unproductive.

If you use Microsoft’s web-based Hotmail & a Windows Live account (hotmail.com & live.com) for your email needs, then linking your accounts so as to consolidate down to one inbox(ish) couldn’t be easier.

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485 [Expired] You Choose: Vote for Your Favorite Desktop Setup [Poll]

Last week I invited you to share your desktop and have a chance at winning a copy of Start Menu 7 Pro.  Here are the nine contestants. Pick your favorite desktop and vote for whomever you want to win.

You can view the entrants’ submissions and a short description about their desktop setup here.

The voting will close Sunday 11th April 2010, 11:59PM UTC

The winner will be announced shortly afterwards.

Click here to go to the poll and vote for your favourite desktop

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