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Firefox Addons: Collection 1

Posted by NJWest On February - 27 - 2010Comments Off on Firefox Addons: Collection 1

For several years now, I have been using Firefox.  It is, in my opinion, the best browser available – far superior to IE or Google Chrome.  This can be disputed, and often has, and I will be looking into all of these distinctions in my upcoming series of articles on the subject of browsers.  One of the most impressive thing about Firefox is the wide range of addons available that allow it to do just about everything.

I’ve often seen collections of ‘Top 10 Firefox Addons’, and so on, and I always think that they have left out the best addons.  So here is my interpretation of the whole genre.  I will be doing several collections of these addons, and my first one will be a collection of all the addons that I am running on my computer.  Please note:  I am running Minefield 3.7a2pre on Windows 7 and all of them work, though some of them have had compatibility overridden.  I am also running the apps, previously mentioned, that make Firefox look like Firefox 4.0.

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Make Firefox look like Firefox 4.0 Mockups

Posted by NJWest On February - 18 - 2010Comments Off on Make Firefox look like Firefox 4.0 Mockups

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the new mockups for Firefox 4.0, and I’m sure you agree with me when I say that it looks wonderful.  Well, would you like to see how to get all of those cool new features now?  Well, with this collection of addons, you can get all of those cool new features and the brand new look.  Please note, that the exact look is determined by StrataBuddy, and most of these are needed to get this working properly.  So install away and enjoy the brand new features.

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Ten years ago, when the web was new and everything was simpler, the choice of what browsers to use was much easier, with the only choice being whether to get NetScape or Internet Explorer.  Now, with the choices so wide, it can often leave a user swamped.  There are 5 main competitors to try and assume the place of your main web-browser. Read the rest of this entry »

GRC’s Domain Name Server Benchmark Tests Your DNS’s Speed

Posted by NJWest On January - 25 - 2010Comments Off on GRC’s Domain Name Server Benchmark Tests Your DNS’s Speed
Windows Guides’ Rating Compatible with
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Windows 7Windows VistaWindows XP
GRC DNS BenchmarkPROS: Gives accurate and detailed data.  Gives simple conclusions which anybody can understand.  No installation required.
CONS: More deatail than most people would need.
VERDICT: Overall a very good program.  If you want to check your DNS, then this s a good choice.
DOWNLOAD: GRC’s DNS Nameserver Performance Benchmark

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What’s New in Office 2010?

Posted by NJWest On October - 11 - 20099 COMMENTS
Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010

Now, as I am sure you have heard, Office 2010 has been released to developers as a technical preview. I have managed to secure a copy, so I will review it now for all those who weren’t lucky enough to acquire it. So, what can you expect from this revolutionary new software suite, planned to be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft’s Web-Apps?

Now web-apps have only been released to a select few, randomly chosen, to have their skydrive upgraded to include web-apps. I was not a member of the lucky few, so I won’t be posting screenshots off of the internet on here. If you want these, or you want to read a review of them, you can Google the subject.

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