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Why Should You Subscribe to this Site?

Posted by Rich On July 17, 20080 Comments

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Windows Guides gets around 20,000 visitors a day. Many come, go, and miss out on future articles; to avoid missing new content, you can subscribe. Subscribing does not mean you’ll get any junk mail — I’ll never sell your address and you’ll only get updates from this site.

What Does Subscribe Mean?

Subscribing to www.mintywhite.com lets you keep up to date (by e-mail or an RSS reader) with all the new articles on this site; you’ll be the first to know when a new article is available. Instead of coming back to my site, you can get my latest articles delivered to your email inbox or reader. I put a new article on the site every week-day morning at 9am EST; if I put together something really cool, I’ll put it up as I write it.

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Why Should I Subscribe?

So you don’t miss out on a thing! Enough said, subscribe below or find out more about RSS if you already get too many e-mails.

Download a copy of Windows Vista - the Pocket Guide Special Offer! Subscribers get three FREE Books:

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