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competition51 [EXPIRED] 5 Simple Competitions and $400 in Prizes This Week

This week I’m giving away lots of prizes; thank you to the respective software vendors.



How Can I Win it?


Internet TV from around the world delivered to your PC [Review] Download the browser toolbar, email me (SUBJECT: TV), and tell me you have the toolbar.You’ll be automatically entered into the drawing for a copy of TVZation.

Web Forum Reader

A unique internet forums reader [Review] All forum members with 5+ posts will automatically be entered to win a copy of Web Forum Reader.

Document Suite

Create quizzes, training courses, books +more [Review] The first reader of Windows Vista – The Pocket Guide who emails me with their favorite guide from the book will win a copy of Document Suite.

Mind Visualizer

Mind mapping as effortless as typing [Review] The first two (2) readers who email me with an idea for this website will win a copy of Mind Visualizer each.

Reg Organizer

Registry, startup, and software management [Review] Download the browser toolbar, email me (SUBJECT: Reg), and tell me you have the toolbar.You’ll be automatically entered into the drawing for one of three (3) copies of Reg Organizer.

Competition Information

Here are a few details you should know:

  • If you email me, I wont sell your address–EVER… or give it away. Your privacy is guaranteed
  • You can enter all five competitions; however, you can win a maximum of one (1) prize. This prize will be the first you qualify for
  • The competitions for TVZation, Web Forum Reader, and Reg Organizer end on Nov 16, 2008 at 7 P.M. MDT; the winners will be announced on this site on Monday Nov 17, 2008
  • The competitions for Document Suite and Mind Visualizer end whenever the emails come in

Good luck everyone!


Tweakwindows won a copy of Mind Visualizer with this suggestion:

Add a static page which shows all the compitation you are running..Right now, we can’t easily get them..

Thanks for the idea. I am currently looking into improving the front page, so competitions etc are more easily accessible.

Angad won a copy of Document Suite with this feedback on the book:

…the best section I liked was 7.0, the shortcut keys.

Thanks Angad

Duke won a copy of Mind Visualizer with this suggestion:

Hey. This site is great! The content is awesome, and the contests are even better! The community is great, but there needs to be a better way to add suggestions. My idea is to integrate a widget called Scribit, which allows visitors to vote or add ideas for posts right from a widget. Also, keep up the good work with all your great content!

Thanks Duke: I’ll check out Scribit!

UPDATE: Winners announced!

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  • Angad
    Thanks Rich! :D
  • Tweakwindows, thanks :) The vendors are the kind ones for sharing their software :)
  • tweakwindows
    ^+1.You are really great man..You are running site without ads and giving softwares for free!! Anyway, thanks for the competitions.
  • Sherri
    This website AMAZES me! How do you do it????
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