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Excel 2010: Sparklines

Posted by Thomas On October - 25 - 2011Comments Off

Excel Excel 2010: SparklinesExcel 2010, did not come with too may new features. It’s hard to come up with  ideas on how to improve something that is already a great product, I’m sure. But there was one new thing I’ve found quite useful: Sparklines.

Sparklines – What’s that ?

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Excel Excel: Set only one sheet as standard in new documents [Quick Tip]Every time you create a new workbook in Excel, you get a document containing three blank sheets. Do you ever use more than one ? Or, do you always use more than three ? In this Quick-Tip I’ll show you how to set Excel to create new workbooks containing the number of sheets you require, whether it’s one or ten.

Here’s How

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Run Android Apps on your Windows 7 PC

Posted by Thomas On October - 21 - 20113 COMMENTS

android2 Run Android Apps on your Windows 7 PCThere are many great apps out there for your android phone. Many of which can be quite addictive, and some actually quite useful. Have you ever wished that you could transfer those apps to your computer ? Well, now you may.


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Thank you to everyone who took part in the 50GB Premium Binverse Usenet account competition. The winners are:

  • Vic Limbo
  • Piter Warezow
  • Daniel Alvarez

A BIG thank you to Binverse for supplying the accounts for the competition!

If you see your name but have not been contacted, please email binverse@www.mintywhite.com from the same email address with which you entered the competition and we’ll get you taken care of.

Windows 8 will be the first iteration of Windows that includes, by standard, more “immersive” applications–otherwise known as tablet apps or “Metro apps”. There are a few differences between these applications; here’s how Metro apps differ from classic applications/programs:

  • Removed controls (i.e. minimize, maximize/restore, and exit buttons; drop down tool menus i.e. File, Edit, Tools etc.; no scrollbars for the most part)
  • Optimized for touch screen rather than keyboard and mouse
  • Metro apps are not designed to be closed; they are instead moved to the background for quick launching
  • Metro apps run full-screen (although you can put two side by side in a 33/67 ratio)

The tablet apps are accessed through the Start Screen. Here’s the start screen if you’re unfamiliar with it:

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