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Are You Using Google+? Thoughts?

Posted by Rich On July - 11 - 201123 COMMENTS

google+plus Are You Using Google+? Thoughts?I’d like to get to know more Windows Guides readers (add me on Google+); I’d also like to get your thoughts on Google+ and whether or not you think it will be a hit (add a comment.)

My thoughts thus far:

  • I don’t like Social Networking because:
    • I’m concerned about privacy
    • I value my time online and find Facebook etc. encourages “wasting time”
  • I like Google’s approach to privacy and hope they (Google’s engineers) either avoid security holes (best) or they’re quick to patch any security holes (still better than most social networking sites)
  • I have spent about an hour on Google+ in the last week and feel it’s going in the right direction that’s needed to succeed

Time will tell how well Google+ does. Hopefully it’s a Gmail or a Search and not a Wave. They already have a big user base (whether the users are aware or not) as tools like Buzz, Reader, and +1 are heavily integrated in the tool already. By virtue of that, Google+ wont be a ghost town for long… I hope.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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While you’re at it, add me to a circle of yours: Rich Robinson – Google+ and keep up with the Windows posts I share there (as well as other, random, posts that may catch your attention.)

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