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Following my post on creating a WordPress site, I contacted Tsohost who have very kindly given us two free Pro cPanel subscriptions for a year (worth £50 / about $85 each) on their lightning-fast servers for two lucky readers! The instructions for creating a WordPress site were created on one of these cPanel servers, so they will be the same. Tsohost have wonderful customer service as well (replies in minutes) just in case there are any problems!

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Create your own WordPress Site [How To]

Posted by Harry On May - 2 - 20111 COMMENT

Have you ever wondered what powers www.MintyWhite.com, or wanted to try and make a site as brilliant and interactive as this one? A great open source web tool, called WordPress, ‘runs’ the virtual side of the site and provides you with all the great content that you’re seeing on your screen today!

Rich wrote guides on turning your computer into a local web server and then installing WordPress, so that you can learn everything about WordPress before using it online. Once you’ve mastered the basics of WordPress, how exactly do you put your wonderful creation online?

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Word 2010: Custom LineSpacing

Posted by Thomas On May - 2 - 20113 COMMENTS

lineSpace Word 2010: Custom LineSpacingFor some reason the developers of Office (2007 and 2010) believe that every letter or document you write should use a line-space setting of 1,5. Which really hasn’t been used since the day of typewriters. Back when you had no other layout option. Another thing annoying me is the custom setting og 10 pt. space after each paragraph you write.

Okay, this ensures that your letters (or emails) use lots of “air” and can easily be read by anyone. But being a graphics designer, this layout is ugly. Not to mention, how much space you waste. With a little tweaking you can save at least one page when printing your documents. And in these environmental times, thats not such a bad thing either.

Most users i meet doesn’t know how to fix this, or do so permanently, so this is how.

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