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200px MSE icon1 Microsoft Updates MSE to 2.0–Brings a Heap of New Features

Its quite hard to believe Microsoft Security Essentials has been with us 14 months.  In that time it has continued to impress everyone that seems to use it and keeps critics happy with its great detection rates and small footprint on the system.

Microsoft have now released MSE version 2.0.657.0, meaning a much better free application to keep our PCs safe and secure.

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PicJoke is an Online Postcard Creator

Posted by Thomas On December - 17 - 20103 COMMENTS

postcard PicJoke is an Online Postcard CreatorAre you struggling to get those holiday postcards made ? Don’t got any bright ideas, or simply not good enough using Photoshop ?

Fear no more, rescue is here. One of the easiest tools I’ve ever come across is free and online.


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ICO MYCOMPUTER 13 256x256x32 Toggle the Navigation Pane with a Button in Windows Explorer [How To]We received a couple of comments to this post asking whether it was possible to have a button to toggle the Navigation Pane in Windows 7’s Explorer.

After some digging around i’ve come up with a solution.

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Internet Explorer 9 Icon by Misaki20092 Display more of your Most Popular Sites in IE9 [Quick Tip]

We’ve taken a look at how we can use Internet Explorer’s new “Speed Dial” page as our Home page.  Today’s Quick Tip is going to show you how to display more than the default 2 rows of sites in the new tab page or “about:tabs”.

Note: Before modifying the Registry, check out our guide to working with the Windows Registry, which teaches you the basics and how to back up keys before making changes

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EXCEL: Create a PullDown Menu [Quick Tip]

Posted by Thomas On December - 16 - 20101 COMMENT

ms excel logo 220x220 EXCEL: Create a PullDown Menu [Quick Tip]I’m starting a new series here, which involves daily usable tips for different programs. This time I’m going to show you how to create a usable Drop Down Menu in Excel. In this mini-tutorial I am using Excel 2010, but the steps are pretty much the same no matter which Office Version you use. The main difference is where you find the different tools, and where possible I will try to mention where things differ.

Creating a usable Pull-down Menu

If you use Excel on a day-to-day basis filling out forms and information, you might find yourself typing in the same information over and over. Either by typing it in or using copy and paste. When filling in forms you will normally use the same cells over and over (this is where we can use Pull-down Menus). Pull-down Menus can also control your Excel document in different ways like retrieve information or navigate between Sheets and Documents.

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New to using the command prompt? Check out the Windows Command Prompt Beginner’s Guide

3911 Windows Commands (cmd) to Help Manage Your PC & Improve ProductivityPreviously we showed you a collection of shortcut commands you can use, to save you time, from the run dialog and Thomas showed you tips to become a command prompt superuser.

In this guide, we’ll show you some commands you can use on the Windows Command prompt. These commands can save you time if you learn how to use them and rely on them to help you manage your PC.

Not sure how to get to the command prompt? How to open the command prompt in Windows.

Want to customize the command prompt? Customize the appearance of the command prompt.

Want to get more comfortable using the command prompt? Become a Command Prompt Super User

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