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thumbs up 238x2501 Follow up Suggestions mintywhite Readers Have Made to Developers [Update]You are lucky, you know that right ? You got us over here telling you about all kinds of wonderful software that can brighten your day, or help you out in some manner. Most of which are free of charge. It can be tough remembering all the great software you’ve read about in the last 6 months and if you’re new to this place – you may have missed out on something. As you know we also host competitions on our site. Competitions that let you talk directly to software developers. Giving them your ideas and suggestions. But do they follow through ? Are they actually listening and are they implementing your ideas in their work ?

I decided to contact some of the developers we’ve reviewed in the last 6 months, asking them. Here is what they told me

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Useful Software Review Reminders

Posted by Thomas On June - 19 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

gre software Useful Software Review Reminders If you have been a regular reader here the last 6 months you have undoubtedly read many interesting articles and reviews. Some of which you thought: “Hey, that may come in handy one day, I’ll have to remember about that one”. If you are a new visitor here, you have no doubt missed out on many great programmes. Reading through all the 127 pages containing some 1200 articles will take time.

I have compiled a list of some of the software reviews that I’ve done and which I think deserves a new moment in the spotlight. Where possible I have checked to see if there have been updates and improvements since last.

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CD/DVD -R +R RW – what does it all mean ?

Posted by Thomas On June - 18 - 201020 COMMENTS

confused 220x220 CD/DVD R +R RW what does it all mean ?

One of our readers (in our suggestion box) asked for a walkthrough on the different types of CD and DVD.

Unfortunately, a full description of the differences between all of the CD and DVD formats would fill an entire book. There are many, many different types of physical media, methods for storing the data, methods for writing the data and media formats (MPEG-2, MP3, AVI, MP4, etc.)

But… since most people use just a few of the CD/DVD formats, we’ll cover just those. The most common formats are generically known as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, CD-Audio, DVD-Video, and the newer HD DVD and Blu-ray discs.

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screenshot1 Watch the World Championship (soccer), or keep an eye on a website while working Have you ever had the need to keep an eye on a website or how about wanting to keep an eye on whats happening in the Soccer World Championship while working ? If you only have one monitor switching back and forth between windows isn’t very productive. Some programs like VLC Media Player have the option to always stay on top of your other windows. But not all programs have that feature. So what do you do ?

Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein (or LcK amongst friends) decided he needed a solution that would let him have any application on top of his working window, no matter the program or content. And with the introduction of DWM in Vista – he started developing OnTopReplica.

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Win a License of WinXdvd Ripper !!!

Posted by Thomas On June - 16 - 20102 COMMENTS

vip winners2 220x220 Win a License of WinXdvd Ripper !!!Three weeks ago we launched a new sticky topic in our Forum, called The Suggestion Box. Even though we do our best to deliver the best site possible, we can always improve, and “The Suggestion Box” is the place to comment on it. Not only site improvements, but also things you’d like us to feature.

To launch this new feature we got hold of 5 more licenses of WinXdvd Ripper of which we will give away ONE license each friday to the best suggestion of the week.

This weeks winner is:



Tips on securing home wireless networks could be useful. So many are still using the default settings which are wide open while some just use WEP, MAC filtering or not broadcasting the SSID which offers little to no protection.

Congratulations  Walt !

We Still have 2 more licenses to give away !!

Do you want to win next Friday ?

Make a Suggestion

Hack InPrivate Browsing [How To]

Posted by Angel Luis On June - 15 - 201039 COMMENTS

InternetExplorerIcon Hack InPrivate Browsing [How To]Do you think your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on you? Are your children visiting webs and you don’t know anything about?

Many features we find in modern software are very useful, but sometimes, is complicated to know what they actually do.

InPrivate Browsing is of this kind. The name itself drives to confusion. If you haven’t read about it, you might think is a sort of protection over your privacy on Internet.

To complicate the things a bit, the browser even comes with two new modes with similar names, InPrivate Browsing and InPrivate Filtering.

This is what Microsoft tell us about InPrivate Browsing:

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