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Windows Forums member Batupata has created an advanced version of his SevenShutdownControl tool that can be used to control when your computer shuts down, restarts, hibernates etc. This is a great tool if you want your video to finish conversion and download to complete but have to leave your PC. Or if you want to save energy overnight by automatically shutting down your PC at a certain time.

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[Expired] WIN your copy of Foxit Phantom PDF [$129 Worth]

Posted by Thomas On April - 28 - 2010

“Foxit Phantom PDF Suite is a business ready PDF toolkit, with everything you need to create professional PDF documents and streamline business processes: fast, easy to use, and at a price that fits your budget.”

You’ve read about Foxit Phantom PDF, right here on Mintywhite (Read Here). Now we bring you the chance to  win one of the 3 licenses offered by Foxit Software.

Now, I know you want to win one of these valuable licenses, so read on for the details on how to get one.

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Foxit Phantom PDF – An Affordable Business Solution

Posted by Thomas On April - 27 - 2010
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PROGRAM: Foxit Phantom PDF

PROS: Very easy to use. Lightweight and reliable. With Co-Worker collaboration system, Show PDF as Text-file, Easy to use Zoom functions. a Very Nice Screen-dump feature.

CONS: There is no Context Menu. No Document Compression. Almost hidden MS Office AddIn. Some transparency masks may show as tinted background.

VERDICT: Foxit Phantom pro is a very good alternative to Adobe Acrobat. The software has (almost) every thinkable tool you need to easy and securely streamline your businesses document needs.

PRICE: $129


Download Link for Trial Version in the Article

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7 Easy Tests To Check Your Internet Connection

Posted by Angel Luis On April - 27 - 2010

Local Area Network Icon

Having your internet working is not something complicated but we know from experience that sometimes, for reasons we cannot control, our internet speed is slow.

It is very useful before going crazy to have a list you can check to know what exactly is happening.

As you will understand from every post I write, I don’t like formatting computers to solve problems, for me a problem is just an opportunity to learn about computers. So of course you can always format; however, this will not solve every problem.

Check your cables

As amazing as it could seem most internet problems are due to a badconnection between your computer and the router. Remember to first check if the cable is connected properly and the network card shows an intermittent light. In Windows 7 you will see the following icon appearing from time to time.

Bad Cable Connection

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If you’re having PC troubles and you have a friend that’s good with computers. You may want to call upon them to help you with your issue. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make a request using Remote Assistance, which is built in to Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Please note: As someone who knows a little about computers, I am often asked to help others. I love helping others, but sometimes I simply don’t have time. Please respect the time of those who help you as you would respect a friend who is a car mechanic, when you need help with your car.

If you’re the person giving the help, direct the person here so they’ll know what to do. Here’s a shortlink for the page: http://tinyurl.com/yezwv5w

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Microsoft FixIT Center Fixes Problems with Windows

Posted by Thomas On April - 24 - 2010

I know, there are tons of sites and applications trying to make a living out of fixing your Windows Problems. The reason for this is mainly because Microsoft’s Solutions Center has always been so high-tech, and not very user-friendly.

Finding solutions to common Windows problems using the Microsoft Website has always been a daunting task. Making you read through tons of more or less useless Tech Information that the common user cannot make any sense of.

Now, Microsoft is finally trying to make amends, by offering a new free product called: “Fix it” .

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