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There are many ways to organize your files on your computer and provide shortcuts to them. In this guide, I hope to provide some inspiration; hopefully you can come up with some great ways to access the data on your drive.

I’ve written about how to organize your files in the past and in this guide I will focus mainly on how to get to those files easily without installing any extra software.
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Windows, by default, put a small arrow on shortcuts to indicate they are a shortcut and not a file. This feature is very useful and can help you determine what type of file you are dealing with. If you are customizing your desktop or a folder, you may not want these shortcut overlay icons as they may ruin your design. In this guide, you’ll learn how to remove the icons from the shortcuts with a simple program.

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Shape Collage Styles Your Photo Collection

Posted by Rich On August - 7 - 20093 COMMENTS

If you have a lot of personal photos and want to present them in a classic and fun way, Shape Collage may be just the tool you are looking for. Shape Collage creates a collage by taking a bunch of photos and moving them around on a page so that they form a shape. Making collages can be fun but can also be time consuming as you attempt to place the pictures so they can all be seen. Shape Collage take the hard work out of this process and produces great effects.

Example of Shape Collages Results

When I see a program that can be useful for mintywhite readers, I always test it extensively first. This ensures that I only share highest quality programs; I also get to try some of the great functions these programs provide. An example of what Shape Collage can produce is shown below:

shapecollage Shape Collage Styles Your Photo Collection

download64 Shape Collage Styles Your Photo Collection

Download Shape Collage

If you are making a PowerPoint presentation, poster, graphic, or anything that requires typography, you may find some of these fonts useful. There many free fonts out there but it is often hard to find good ones as there is so much choice and so many fonts are not very high quality. In these collections, I attempt to find the best free fonts out there and provide direct download links to them so you can start using them straight away. If you are unsure of how to install a font,
learn here.

Check out more font collections on www.Mintywhite.com

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Stop Windows Update Restart Now Prompts

Posted by Rich On August - 4 - 200921 COMMENTS

Windows update is an excellent way to keep your computer up to date and protected from the latest vulnerabilities. Sometimes, Windows update will apply a patch that requires your computer to be restarted. Many times, this restart comes at an inopportune time as you may have a lot to get done that day. Windows Vista does not bug you as much as Windows XP, because you can change the interval at which Windows to remind you to restart your computer. Regardless of your operating system, you may just want to stop the notifications entirely and restart your computer the end of the day. Why do not recommend this, I often find myself delaying the restart process. In this guide, you’ll learn how to stop Windows update notifying you until the next time you restart your PC.

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Best Windows Freebies and Guides 16 [July 2009]

Posted by Rich On August - 1 - 20093 COMMENTS

july00 Best Windows Freebies and Guides 16 [July 2009]Every month we take a look around some of the most interesting windows-related web sites. We collect the best free stuff and write tips to help you get more out of Windows. Below you’ll find wallpapers, icon packs, fonts, screensavers, and freeware we’ve found over the last 31 days. We’ve also put together our most popular windows guides.

Enjoy the overview of stuff you shouldn’t have missed in July 2009

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