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There are so many fonts out there – but it seems you have to pay for all the good ones. Put your credit card away and enjoy these free fonts. Available to you are many more sets – linked below.

Check out more font collections on www.Mintywhite.com

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change logon screen 00 Change Your Vista Logon Screen (Method 2) [How To]

I’ve covered this topic already–using Logon Studio Vista. In this guide, I’ll show you how to change you logon screen using, vista Visual Master, which is a tool that will let you tweak other parts of Vista too. Find out more about Vista Visual Master.

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If you would like to change the information about your computer without hacking the registry, then you may use Vista Visual Master. Find out more about Vista Visual Master.

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Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7

Posted by Rich On April - 4 - 20097 COMMENTS

If you are running Windows XP and want your system to look more like Windows 7, then this guide is for you. Vishal Gupta, Microsoft MVP at askvg.com has made a simple installer to change Windows XP, visually, into Windows 7. His instructions are clear and simple, so head on over and learn how to make Windows XP look like Windows 7.

Below is a screenshot of my XP desktop with the first stage of the transformation. I think it looks really good and you can have this effect too.

th sevenvg Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7

Transfrom Windows XP to Windows 7 without Using a Transformation Pack

Interview with Microsoft MVP: James Fisher

Posted by Rich On April - 4 - 20093 COMMENTS

James Fisher is a Microsoft MVP in the Windows Desktop Experience category. James is a member of Windows Forums and runs his own site, which is named Windows Talk.

In this interview, we get to know a little about James and his website. James is exemplary of what a true community contributor can bring to help others.
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MP3 TagScanner Renames Files, Tags and More

Posted by Rich On April - 3 - 20094 COMMENTS

th mp3 tag scanner screenshot MP3 TagScanner Renames Files, Tags and More

Do you have your fair share of MP3s? If you’re like most internet users, you’ll have a large collection by now. These days, most MP3 players use tags and if your tags aren’t in order, you aren’t getting the most out of your player.

MP3 TagScanner searches through your MP3s and automatically tags them, renames your files, downloads album art, and even retrieves lyrics.

Download TagScanner

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