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15grouptaskbar01 Group Similar Taskbar Windows all the Time in Windows

This is a quick trick that will allow you to force grouping of similar items on your task bar. This can be very useful, for example: if you have a few browser windows open — but not enough to switch on the auto grouping — and you want to see them collectively.

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There are plenty of Defragmenting programs out there – each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Defraggler stands out as an exceptional piece of software that I highly recommend. Defraggler works with Windows XP and Vista.

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07usethewebservice01 Disable Use the Web Service Prompt on Unknown Filetypes

When you try to open an unknown file type in windows, you’ll be prompted to Use the Web Service to find the correct program or Select a program from a list of installed programs. This can become annoying if you never use it; in this guide you will learn how to disable this feature.

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There may be several reasons for removing certain programs from the add/remove programs list in Windows XP/Vista. One reason may be that you have no intention of removing some programs and they are cluttering the list – or you may want to remove that net monitoring program so your kids can’t remove it. In this guide you will learn how to remove these programs.

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07clipx01 Free Clipboard History Manager for Windows (ClipX)

ClipX is a free piece of software that allows you to collect multiple items on your clipboard. You can then pick and choose which one to paste, either through a mouse selection or use of a hotkey. ClipX allows you to copy both text and images.

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