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Windows 7 – 18 More Prototype Screenshots

Posted by Rich On May - 30 - 2008

Last week I shared 17 screenshots of Windows 7. Sadly, these aren’t official, but they look great; in my search for more, I found this great designer on DeviantArt. Here is some of his best work; please visit his page and show your appreciation.

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You may want to set up a scheduled task to mute your speakers overnight. If you use instant messaging programs, have audible e-mail alerts etc. this can be very useful. In this guide you will learn how to automatically mute your speakers overnight.

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Customize Windows Right Click Menu with MMM Free

Posted by Rich On May - 29 - 2008

Customize Windows Right Click Menu with MMM Free

MMM free is a great application that lets you customize your right-click menu in Windows XP. After installing a number of programs, your right-click menu can become cluttered with items you will never use – follow this guide and get on top of things again!

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Use DirectFolder to Define Favorite Folders In File Open & Save Dialogs

When you save images to or upload images from different folders, it can be a pain to navigate to them – especially when you switch between two or more different folders frequently. In this guide you will learn how to put a simple context menu that will let you select folders that you define.

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Every now and then, I take a look at my Google Analytics page to see where visitors to this website come from. I am pleased to see a high diversity of visitors–with visits from 186 195 countries and territories.

Which of the 186 195 countries and territories are you from? Are you from the US/UK? If so, which state/county/city are you from? Let us know in the comments and represent your part of the world.

Please see Figure A below for all the countries the site’s visitors come from. www.Mintywhite.com has been around for just over three months and I thought I would share how many unique visitors have come to the site: at time of publishing, the number stands at 1,215,033 visitors. Thank you for your support and diligent readership.

Map of Mintywhite Visitors from Around the World

Figure A: Google Analytics Map of Visitors to www.Mintywhite.com

Haven’t commented before? It takes a few seconds plus the time you take to share a little about where you are from. I look forward to hearing from you!

Windows 7 in 2010 – 17 New UI Screenshots

Posted by Rich On May - 24 - 2008

Windows 7 UI Image 11

We present 17 mock-up user interface images from the up and coming Windows 7 operating system, which is set to hit the shelves in 2010. These pictures aren’t official, but I think they look great! I have put together 18 more screenshots here.

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